silver with a story

Second Arrow Silver was founded in the sprit of Swiss Fold Legend, William Tell who stood up to a tyrant when his family was threatened. Each piece we create aims to fulfill our mission: Expose Evil and Seek Truth. When you purchase an SAS medallion it is both an investment and an act of protest.


The idea of merging art with investment is far from new. However, for those who cannot afford an original Rembrant, Degas, or Banksy these unique silver pieces are a sound investment. Each design is hand-sculpted by one of our award-winning medallic artists. The value of each piece greatly exceeds the intrinsic value of the canvas (silver.)


From the beginning, we have demanded the best from our manufacturers. The time, passion, and attention to detail that goes into each work of art, is reflected in the care our mint takes when producing each individual medallion for to add to your collection.

Veritatem Quaerite, Exponite Malum

The Second Arrow Silver Signature Look

The back of each medallion in the SAS Signature collection contains elements that echo what we believe in: Individualism, throwing off the chains of tyranny, exposing evil, hedging against inflation, and being prepared. To learn more about the meaning behind the SAS medallion reverse, click the link below.